Rise of the White Raven

Love blooms. Prophecy unfolds. Evil awaits. And it’s only spring Break.

     Deidra thought she was a typical seventeen year old girl who had transformed from the dirty little tomboy she used to be. Sarcastic and independent, Deidra is trying to live a normal life.  It is spring break and Deidra is in love.  Cian is a boy draped in mystery and danger, and drop dead gorgeous. Deidra thought it would be the best spring break ever. No such luck.

     Deidra finds herself the center of a prophecy she was born to fulfill as a reincarnated being murdered centuries ago. As her love grows, so does the danger. Cian awaits her return as the love he lost, but her murderer Semiazas, a dark winged monster that destroyed her centuries ago, will have her love or watch her die…again. Deidra must battle her fears of the unknown to become what she was born to be, the greatest protector of man.

                        Aira Philipps

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